2022 4xWorkshop, Center for Art and Mental Health, Copenhagen.

2021 The Blue Elephant, inflatable sculpture, 5x5x7m, commissioned by Human Act, installed in front of National Parliament, 8th of November. 

2021 Sydhavnsambassaden#6 withAdam Drewes, 13th of August, Studio Event.

2020 Sydhavnsambassaden#5 with Adam Drewes, Sept., Studio Event.

2020 Participation in competition for public art commission by Odense Municipality, Vollsmose - 3rd prize for the project: 'The         Rambunctious Garden'. 

2018 Art Expo Chigaco (solo-booth with Magnus Pettersen, Gallery Kant and Fold Gallery).

2018 Aeroe Dog Days,‘Burning Dog’, Aeroe.

2018 Space on the Move, workshop, Viborg Visual HF. 

2017 Community of Contribution, workshop in meta-design, Växjö University.

2017 Aeroe Dog Days, Burning Dog, Aeroe

2017 Scenario, curator, groupshow at Gallery DGV, Svendborg.

2016 The Future is a City,Workshop with Globale Gymnasier, Aarhus.  

2016 Aeroe Dog Days– Art & Music Festival (co-organising with Jacob Fuglsang).

2016 PainterlySpace,Aeroe Art School (teaching).

2015 White Energy, curator, group show at Gallery Kant, Copenhagen.

2015 Heat,Art-demo-performance with April Gertler, 31th of January, Berlin.

2015 MobileWorlds,public art project with Globale Gymnasier, Denmark.

2013- 2015 Organiser of TheGroup Crit– a monthly session group where Berlin based

artistsand writers presented work and discussed new ideas.

2009– 2010 Founder of Bürofür UrbanPraktik with Boris Boll-Johansen.

2007 Co-organizer (with Andreas Harbsmeier and U-Turn) of Spaces of Desire,

Desirefor Spaces,a seminar with Roman Ondak and Ivaylo Ditchef, held at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.

2006-2007 Co-organizer (with Andreas Harbsmeier and Lars Bang-Larsen) of Ideas and

Processes: Four Conversations About the Making of Contemporary Art, held at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. Participants: Miwon Kwon & Joe Scanlan; Claire Bishop & Phil Collins; Ina Blom & Tobias Rehberger; Diedrich Diederichsen & Judith Hopf.

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