Lectures & Talks

2023 'Le Corbusier and the Dream Ship', Meet2Build, Lecture, 14th September. 

2023 'Sustainable Responsibility - Wilding & Aeroe Nature Park' (Lecture), Geoscience, January 21st.

2022 'Planetary Expeditions', Talk with Karsten Wind Meyhoff, X-and-Beyond, Lokale, 5th Nov.  

2022 Lecture on 'The Generous Gommunity', Jord Festival, Karise, 3nd Sept.

2022 Lecture on 'The Generous Community as a Social Force of Change', RUC, 26th August. 

2022 'Art & Responsibility', lecture at Grundtvigs Højskole, Hillerød, 25th July.

2022 Presentation of Melting Barricades in Ted Acid Talk hosted by New Red Order, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, 25th March. 

2021 Lecture, 'Art & Architecture', KADK, Copenhagen, 29th Sept.

2021 Talk: 'The Exoskeleton of Modern Privacy' in Privacy Seminar organised by prof. Mette Birkedal Bruun, The Royal Academy of Architecture, Copenhagen, 10th of June.  

2021 'Wilding the World / Wilding the Museum', online Lecture at KUNO, Nordic Art Academies - the school of prof. Henrik B. Andersen, Vilnius Art Academy. 28th April.

2019 'Artistic Processes', presentation at KADK, Institute for Architecture and Extreme Environments, 18th Sept. 

2019 'The Artist as World Citizen', lecture at Højskoledage, Christianshavn, Copenhagen, 2nd Sept. 

2019 Presentation at Politikens Hus, Copenhagen Architecture Festival, 10th April. 

2019 'Non-philosophy, Existence, and the Anthropocene,' Filosofisk Forum, 14th March, Copenhagen. 

2017 Presentation at Market Art Fair, 25th February, Stockholm.

2018 Presentation at Novi Sad Museum of Contemporary Art, 14th of Dec, and Remont Gallery, Belgrade, 15th Dec. 

2018 Talk at Chart Art Fair,  Kunsthal Charlottenborg, with Justin McQuirk and Sam Jacob on ‘Copy Culture’,  2nd Sept.

2016 Lecture: 'The Berlin Art Scene', Odense Central Library, 7th Nov., Denmark.

2016 'Disruption', metaphor workshop 6/7 th Oct. at Tallinn University, Estonia (with Thomas Wiben Jensen and Harald Havsteen-Mikkelsen).

2016 'Non-philosophy and Louis Kahn', lecture at Leth & Gori, 15th May, Copenhagen.

2014 Presentation of Melting Barricades: 'Positive Propaganda', Media Conference, Tallinn, 5th Nov.

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